Day 8 bit the dust

Ohh la la. Another day is done. And I now only have 356 days to go. And if you have been keeping up, all systems are still functioning as normal. Monday, Day 8 was a bit more of a difficult day for me. All went 100% with food. Got up early and made a delicious omelette with tomato and green pepper and had my morning coffee for liquid courage for the day. Non-alcoholic courage does indeed count! And having now gone 8 days without even a glass of wine is in itself a miracle. You see, I live in wine estate heaven in South Africa. And of course I have a wine rack full of the most amazing taste explosion, soul changing delicious wines. But I am resisting all of them. There are a lot of rumours and speculation going around that says a glass of red wine a day is actually good for you, but counting the kilojoule content in that glass makes my scale groan slightly. So I have picked my poison and caffeine it is:


Now I do stick to the “Jillian-approved” 3 cups maximum a day. In fact, I drink one in the morning and one in the evening. And as previously mentioned, the coffee at work is a bit gross and this results in only 2 cups a day. And 3 on weekends. And for those that might not have known, coffee helps sometimes to not feel as hungry as you normally would after only having a light meal. Most definitely a win-win situation.

And it seems that after the shock wore off for the people at work, they are all back to obsessing over their own food instead of commenting on mine. For the first time since staring 8 days ago, I was able to enjoy my lunch (consisting of steamed chicken breast mixed in with salad) without the peanut gallery amusing themselves with my plate. Happy days! The rest of the day was rather uneventful, until at around 3pm when I realised I have not been drinking my water as religiously as I should have. So I made a hasty run (aha! some exercise at work) for the water cooler and had a quick glass and also took another to my desk. Crisis averted!

Supper was a light meal of mince and pineapple and then it was off to the torture chamber. Oh sorry, I mean gym. Now let me explain. I do love my gym sessions, but this time I had trouble walking to the kitchen as I was feeling like a sluggish sloth! And I am sure everybody knows exactly what that feels like,  but for those who don’t, it more or less looks like this:



* Note that you are on your feet, but the rest of your body has trouble lifting itself up…




But alas, mustering up all my secret Jedi mind tricks, its off to the gym! And remember those stairs that I so happily almost hopped and skipped up? It felt like Mars gravity descended on that exact spot of stairs. I eventually made it up the stairs and onto the treadmill. 20 minutes completed and I could feel some more energy in my tired body. Did a circuit workout and pushed the arms a bit. And avoided the dodgy old guy that kept staring at me from across the other side of the gym. Stationary bike made it to 10 minutes. So work out completed and felt a bit better afterwards. Just when you think you are busy conquering the journey, your stupid mind attacks! I walked past a mirror and for that split second my brain said to me: “Really, look how big you are. Why are you even trying? You won’t make it”. Yes folks, my mind silently attacked me with that wobble. It took all my motivation to get myself to put that thought out of my mind. Jillian helped:

jillian quote

So for now I keep going and remember the golden rule: