Day 2 Completed

Day 2 Completed

And another day bites the dust… Sings Freddy in my head. So happy with myself that I have gone 2 days so far and not even really been tempted that much to eat a chocolate or bread or anything  that is not good for me. And yes, it seems silly to celebrate from Day 2 already (or day 1) but it is the small day-to-day accomplishments that should be celebrated. The whole journey is going to take a full 364 days, and if you don’t celebrate each and every day for its accomplishments, no matter how small it might be, then the journey is going to wear you out and tear you down.

So what happened yesterday? I woke up late, only managed to have an apple and a lovely Nespresso coffee (no sugar) for breakfast. By the way, coffee without sugar is really not that bad if it is Nespresso capsule coffee. The flavour of the coffee engulfs your tongue like a ocean wave on a hot summer’s day! So that is not so bad. On the other side, normal coffee with no sugar just tastes like ‘n dwarf made a poo on your tongue. But not sure if that is because of the sugar, or just the bad coffee. Either way, I think I will give coffee at work a miss and rather have tea at work, or even better, a glass of water. And I did manage to again get my 2l of water in yesterday as well.

Then lunch time was another interesting occasion. I had the same lovely salad that I had on Day 1. As per below:
healthy lunch

Now all should be good and well but what you don’t account for is the people. Because you see, it would seem that more possible than crossing the river of fire to meet up with a mermaid that will grant you eternal youth, than it would to just have a salad for lunch without having people think you are on a diet. And I need to clarify this, for me personally. I am not on a diet. This is not a fad where I go crazy and yo-yo up and down. This is a lifestyle change to get fit and healthier. It is about getting the vegetables into my body so that I can become that 100-year old annoying lady that keeps telling everyone she got this old due to red wine and sleep. But also, why people find the need to discuss and make an issue of someone else’s food is beyond me. If I see someone eating a live snail mounted on a grilled spider’s back, I would be a bit grossed out, but if they like it, it is not for me to jump in and have a say in their eating habits. Seems people missed that lesson in primary school.

So to sum it up, if you are still reading, is that I ate 100% correctly again on Day 2. Which is good. And I attempted even to do some exercises. Now when I said on Day 1 that my fitness level was that of a sloth, Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo decided to prove this statement to me last night. Man, I got through the warm-ups and my legs already felt like it was made of jelly! I managed to do 5 minutes after that. At least 10 minutes cardio is a good start if you ask me.

Ok, so that was Day 2. And here is a cheer to making it through Day 3 today! And here is hoping to avoid the Jukeboxes of DOOM:

jukebox from hell