Day 7 (and Week 1) done!!!

I have made it through day 7 and can officially state that Week 1 has been completed!! The cheerful shout of joy you are hearing would indeed be me jumping up and down cheering myself on! And the day went wonderfully. I woke up feeling happy and healthy and decided that I am going to do something different for breakfast. And the result was a 2-egg omelette with some green pepper and tomato filling. Add to that some apple on the side and you have a perfectly healthy, low calorie, but filling breakfast:

omlette I would like to take this time to mention that I am no Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen. And I promise that is an omelette. When I was flipping the one side over the other side it kind of decided to break apart a bit. And with some effort, I did manage to get most of the one side over the other. And other than looks, it was divine. But by now we all know that one shouldn’t just judge on looks. It is what was on the inside that counts. And that was a lovely omelette!




After breakfast I had some coffee, some water and then it was off to the gym again! I have made a decision to go to the gym every day for now. I am just starting out and I need to keep going in order to ensure that I keep losing. So for my own morale, every day gym it is! I felt brave after yesterday’s mission and took the bike out again to gym. I mean it can only help with toning to manoeuvre the bike right. I just have to mention that the people that designed the gym thought it was a good idea to make you walk up some stairs to get to the entrance, and I managed to do a quick run up them without huffing and puffing. I am thankful for all the small mercies. I did my 20 minutes on the treadmill again, followed by the circuit, and only did 10 minutes on the stationary bike. Partly because there were a lot of kids there and they all kept staring at me. And I have to admit that I got a bit self conscious and started feeling like this:


I know that you are supposed to ignore and keep going, but I am human. So I only did 10 minutes on the stationary bike and decided that was enough for the day. It is hard enough facing all the super-toned, super-fit, super-skinny people staring at you, but I just couldn’t deal with the kids. Not yet anyway. And I did quite well, so all was good. I ended up going home, cleaning the house and cooking some food. Which in itself was a good cardio workout! Lunch consisted of some steamed chicken, steamed pumpkin, corn and some pineapple/tomato mix. Which was divine! I was quite hungry so the food went down really well:


And after lunch it was time to catch up on The Biggest Loser for a bit again. And I am truly amazed at what those people are doing. I take my hat off to them. As much as I like the fact that they are being pushed by their trainers, I think if I honestly had a trainer shouting some of that stuff to me, I’d bitch-slap somebody! So kudos to them for sticking it out, keeping their mouths shut and pushing through! Supper consisted of the leftover corn, the leftover pineapple/tomato mix and some chopped up apples. And also then I had all my water for the day and also snacked on the watermelon. Which is so yummy when it comes from the fridge and its so cool on a hot day! All in all I would say that the day and the past week has been successful. With its ups and downs, I managed to make it through without going back on my promise to myself to cut out all sweets, biscuits, cake etc etc. So I am really looking forward to my weigh-in after Week 1! Hold thumbs!!!




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