Day 6 Done and Dusted

Week 1’s ending was in sight and only 2 more days to push through. I personally think the first 2 weeks are crucial as you are trying to teach your body new tricks. And there is no teaching a 32 year old body new tricks in 2 days, that’s for sure. But my mind is stronger than I thought and so far it has been going fantastically.

After the tummy fiasco of Day 05, I was hoping for a better day 6. I was not 100% yet, but tethering on about 65%. But I had a job to do and I must get to it. So breakfast was again a lovely bowl of apples and yoghurt, which in the heat we are suffering, was a welcoming cool down! And then it was all systems go to the gym! I had lost out on Friday’s session, so I had to make up today. Because after day 1, the feeling was like this:
But without forcing myself to go back and keep going back, I will never get where I want to be. Exercise is what helps me lose more weight and I know I need to do it as well to keep my body skin firm and toned. So I packed my bag, mounted my Harley, and I was off! Drove past the beach on the way there just to be sure I get some fresh ocean air to clear the head and start to focus. When I got to they gym, the confidence once again wavered a bit, and head down, making sure not to make eye contact, I headed inside for my session. It might not seem like a lot what I am doing at the moment, but starting slow and steady is what will get me there. I decided that there was no point killing myself on the first couple of days and putting me off to go back again. So for the first week my routine is basically:

  • 20 minutes on speed 5 on the treadmill
  • 1 round of circuit weights
  • 15 minutes of stationary cycling

And I have proof!!!
IMG_6082 bike

I was definitely sweating it up! And I loved every minute of it. I got to listen to my music, as well as watch some of the Australian Open tennis again. I do love watching tennis and hope that when I get fit, I can start playing tennis myself as well. But again I digress. So after my workout session, it was time to go home. But you see, I miscalculated a teensy weensy bit. After doing almost 9km on cardio, and doing the weight training, you kind of feel like a Jelly Man:
Whereas if you are in a car that is fine because the lovely relaxed seat and power steering. But having to then take a drive home manoeuvring a 250kg Harley while you hardly have the jelly arms and legs to keep yourself standing upright would amount to torture in some third world countries. And all I can see is Jillian going:
And yes Jillian, I felt the PAIN…..

I managed to make it home safely and just had a ice cold shower and decided that jelly legs needed to recover. So I took it easy for the rest of the day. I made my lunch with great efforts. You have no idea how hard it is to work the can opening if you can’t feel your arms! But I managed to open a can of lentils and made a lentil salad for lunch. The rest of the day happened in a bit of a blur, but mostly consisted of me being on the couch feeling sorry for my jelly limbs. But all went well and I didn’t mess up my food even once. Didn’t eat any chocolates. And stuck to what I am supposed to do with the happy thoughts that the end of week 1 is almost upon me. So I fell asleep with happy thoughts of unicorns, embracing the happiness that was the satisfaction of a good workout day!



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