Day 5 delayed but completed!

Ahh, the wonder of technology. Or not so much wonder. The internet was acting up the weekend, which is resulting in you, the lucky reader, to get 3 blog updates in 1 day! And they say Christmas doesn’t happen in January. 🙂

Friday was a bit of a nightmare for me health wise, as I picked up a little bit of a tummy bug that decided my body would be a good nesting place. I woke up around 4am with my tummy playing a concerto of noises and my mouth aching for a throw up! The jury is still out on what exactly caused it, but it is being juggled between tap water and maybe my body getting a shock with the healthy stuff I was putting inside it. My money would be on the tap water. But needless to say, my day was spent majoritively in the bathroom, and this about sums it up:
loo paper

But alas, let us see the bright side of all this. My body got rid of the final junk that it might have been storing somewhere. I did end up drinking some Rehydrat just to make sure that my electrolytes are kept in balance. And I did briefly consider going to gym, but decided against it when I had visions of me on the treadmill when my tummy decided it was time NOW to make its appearance again.

All in all, even with the tummy, I managed to stay on track with my eating. Breakfast consisted of a lovely apple chopped into cubes, with some yoghurt. Lunch was some boiled eggs in a salad, and supper was some chicken. And I had watermelon for in-between snacks. Even when you are feeling like you have put chewed up by Chewbacca and spat out, stepped on and rolled into a tiny heap, you can still keep it healthy. The rest of Friday was spent binge-watching The Biggest Loser to keep myself motivated. Which was really successful. I went to bed knowing that Saturday would be a new day and then everything will be better.

It is important to remember that we are all unique and that even if you have an off day, you can still stick to what your mind has been geared for, and if you slip, to just jump right back up and start again! And with that happy thought, I will leave you with something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Till next time!



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