Day 4 Completed

And so another successful day ends. And another happy me. Everything went quite well, except for have a bit of a down moment last night when I almost thought about having something sweet. And I do think we all know that spiralling thought process that usually starts with: “What harm can 1 spoon of sugar in my coffee do?”. And the next time you look, you are wondering “What harm can a whole cake do? I’ll just exercise more”. Basically for me, once I slip a little itty bit on that slippery slope, especially in the beginning, I might as well rent some ski’s as I know it will be a quick trip down. So how does one resist? You find motivation that you can see! For me, I made the following my lock screen on my iPhone:


I have a clear goal and just by looking at the phone, I was reminded of the reason I am doing this.

So, lets start at the beginning again. I discovered a new breakfast that was not eggs. I really don’t want to be responsible for wiping out an entire generation of unborn chickens in my process to lose it. So, instead I opted to start eating more apples. Because you know, apples don’t have feelings. Unless you ask a fruitarian. So breakfast comprised of chopped up apple, covered by strawberry yoghurt. I opted for strawberry yoghurt as the KJ content still falls into my daily limit, and it is something that makes it yummy. End result:


Lunch was standard salad again as per day 1,2,3. So no changes. It works for me so will stick to it until I get bored. Supper was again my little piece of meat and some veggies. Now I would like to just mention that I eat supper before I go to gym. There is no scientific reasoning for this other than I just don’t like eating after 7pm at night. Plus I can trick my mind into thinking I am burning all the food I ate for the day.

I was successful at the gym as well. Made my 20 minutes and I also realised for the first time the irony that as I sweat and struggle and huff and puff through my 20 minutes, KFC and McDonalds are in direct view of my treadmill. You see, some brilliant person that clearly has a senior position in hell has decided that it was a great idea to build both KFC and McD’s right next to the gym! So as soon as you walk out of the gym, all tired and hungry from the exercising, you are caught by the sight of the McD’s Golden Arches, and your nose is assaulted by the deliciousness that is KFC. Now normally I don’t eat either of them anymore, but geez, that KFC smell. I slowly closed my eyes, exhaled and thought “kitesurf, kitesurf, kitesurf”. Then ran for the car and took off before either of them could get their oily claws into me! When I got home I ate an apple and had coffee and I felt very very proud of myself! Gym results:

gym3 (And Nadal went on to win his match in the Australian Open in the background)

Before I leave you for today, I just want to remind you, and myself, that when you do something like this, your mind will take a while to get used to your new healthy lifestyle. And in this process it will test you with all kinds of thoughts. Like for example, eggs are good for you:
eggs  (Nobody ever specifically said CHICKEN eggs are good for you)

So stick to it and ignore that brain of yours trying to trick you at times. You can do this and you are strong enough to resist. You are the master of your brain, not the other way around. And if that doesn’t work. Remember golden rule nr 1:
jillian 2

And with that I will say goodbye for today. Another day gone and another 360 days to go! Leaving you with this last little reminder that you do not want to be the little purple bird below, so keep going!!!!


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  1. Awesome Fantabulous this is such a hard struggle!!! You have done a wonderful job so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for your journey! Keep up the good work. Will be cheering you all the way

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