Day 3 Completed

So I bid farewell to day 3 of the journey.

It went well physically I must admit. Had my 2 lovely boiled eggs for breakfast, divine coffee, lunch was a chicken salad (see below again) and supper was my little piece of 200g meat and an apple. And according to my app, I am more or less on track with my KJ intake, even if I am a little teensy bit below what it should be. But at least not starvation. Although, if you ask my stomach, this is a new kind of torture I developed to punish it. Because you see, when you are used to bigger portions, your stomach kind of learns to expand and expect that same amount of food. When you cut down on your portions, you stomach is wondering what the heck is going on? And then it starts rumbling with confusion, and then cramping here and there just to remind you that it wants to be fuelled. And that is where my stomach is at. I felt hungry yesterday at some point and was almost at a point of chewing my desk lining off, but an apple and some water at long last fixed that. And there was the usual comments from the people at lunch who knows what is better for you no matter what you think. And apparently I eat too much salt. Now this was after sprinkling a delicate amount of salt over fresh veggies and grilled chicken. And apparently this is very bad for high blood pressure. Luckily I suffer from low blood pressure. Conversation ended like that. A good comeback is worth a million well thought out explanations! Lunch:


Oh, and then the huge task lay ahead of me. The biggest one I have had to face. The notorious G.Y.M. I have to make it clear that I do not go to gym straight after work. Walking into a whole gym full of highly toned gym bunnies at peak time, waiting for machines, staring at you waiting for you to finish on the treadmill, seeing in their eyes how they are wondering when did the gym start allowing whales into the club. No thank you. Not for me. So I usually try to go after 7. There are still a couple of creepy starers but at least you get to exercise without being subconsciously willed and wished off your machine. But before I made it into the gym, I took my time to find parking. And then of course there were like 5 songs on the radio that simply HAD to be listened to before I can go in. And then of course you quickly have to hear what the DJ has to say, and then you wonder if maybe you shouldn’t just go home. I mean, I went to the gym parking area. That should be some kind of accomplishment! But no, I must, I must. So I switch off the radio, grab my earphones and waterbottle and out the car. Being very careful not to make eye contact with any of the super toned people coming out of the gym after probably doing a 1-hour Zumba session with the gay hunk whose name I don’t know. I know this because I once attempted the class and made it into 5 minutes and his butt is not worth the torture that is me trying to do Zumba dance moves. But I degress. I swiped my card, filled my water bottle and bravely set out to the treadmill closest to the pool so to have all the other exercisers at my back. And I started on 20 minutes. I did discover that if I load songs into my playlist that has some sort of emotions attached to it, it sort of motivates me to keep walking. And for a change not the Johnny Walker kind of walking. (As I have a strict No Alcohol policy for the next 3 months at least). So the music helped while Sky News was telling me all about how they are trying to make cannabis legal in the UK now as well. And after what felt like an hour, or 3 songs later, I checked the time and I was on 13 minutes! I was huffing and puffing in such a way that the big bad wolf could come take some lessons! But I pushed through with the help of a lovely song by September – Cry for Me. And low and behold, I made it to 20 minutes! Proof:

And just for the record, they should post a warning that when you get off the treadmill your legs might be wobbly, so stand still for about 1 minute before moving. Otherwise you just look intoxicated.

To sum up then, gym and food for Day 3 has been successfully accomplished!

And to keep me motivated, a friendly word from my main crush:



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