Day 1 Completed

I survived Day 1! Everything was going perfect! I had a lovely boiled egg breakfast, salad for lunch, some meat for supper and all the while drinking my 2l water for the day. But sadly I have to admit that I did not do any exercises last night. Now I know what you are thinking – “What’s the excuse this time?”. And I do have a seriously good excuse. You see, nature decided to throw a spanner in the works and decided that it is a good time to have satan’s cat gnawing and clawing on my ovaries, while at the same time having 70 trolls from Neverland stomp on my lower back at the same time. Yes, nature indeed had the last say on Day 1, as she lovingly decided to send the aunty on her red bicycle my way. By the end of the night I was praying to the ancient ovary gods to just make it stop. And after a time that felt like eternity plus a couple of years, the pain finally started to subdue.

But even after all of that, I do think that Day 1 was a success. I managed to stick to healthy foods, avoid all starch, drink all my water, and faced the chocolate demon in the shops without giving in. So I am keeping my head high and giving it my all on Day 2!



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