Day 1 – The Start

So I have finally decided to lose it. My weight that is, not my mind. That went a long time ago. No more excuses and no more putting it off. Simply jump in, eat right, exercise lots more and get fit.

I’ve always wanted to do sports like surfing, kite surfing, and well, basically anything that can be done in water. I have a deep love of water, especially the ocean. I kept telling myself that I’ll still get to it and kept making excuses for not doing things, but the fact is that I feel to unfit (or should that be un-fat) do any of those yet. And I am tired of not doing what I want to because of weight issues.

So, as of today, with the help of some online tips, motivation from The Biggest Loser (and of course my tiny little crush on Jillian Michaels), support from family and friends, this Lizzy is definitely going to be losing it weekly. One day at a time!!

So facts as of today:

Day 1
Weight – 134.9 kgs (297lb)
Height – 1.72m (5ft 9in)
Fitness level – Sloth-like
Dress size – 46

So come back and enjoy my journey with me! It’s not going to be easy (those chocolate monsters stare at me daily), but I know I can do it!!



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