Day 9 Completed (with effort)

When someone says “There will be good days, and there will be bad days”, you don’t expect it to actually happen so soon in the process! So to get the official stuff out of the way, I stuck to my correct food and didn’t cheat. So that was good.


My body was so extremely tired that I could not face the gym. So I opted instead to go watch a movie and relax a bit. Which was a really good decision! I did do some research and the experts recommended that you do get a day or 2 rest in per week as to not get muscle fatigue. That is my story and I am sticking to it. The most important part is to not give up and to keep going. I know that even though I missed 1 day, that my mind and body needed the rest and that I will be back in the gym, continuing my journey.

So not much else to say right now and I will leave you with this image that reminded me that staying cool in this heat should be an adventure:




Day 8 bit the dust

Ohh la la. Another day is done. And I now only have 356 days to go. And if you have been keeping up, all systems are still functioning as normal. Monday, Day 8 was a bit more of a difficult day for me. All went 100% with food. Got up early and made a delicious omelette with tomato and green pepper and had my morning coffee for liquid courage for the day. Non-alcoholic courage does indeed count! And having now gone 8 days without even a glass of wine is in itself a miracle. You see, I live in wine estate heaven in South Africa. And of course I have a wine rack full of the most amazing taste explosion, soul changing delicious wines. But I am resisting all of them. There are a lot of rumours and speculation going around that says a glass of red wine a day is actually good for you, but counting the kilojoule content in that glass makes my scale groan slightly. So I have picked my poison and caffeine it is:


Now I do stick to the “Jillian-approved” 3 cups maximum a day. In fact, I drink one in the morning and one in the evening. And as previously mentioned, the coffee at work is a bit gross and this results in only 2 cups a day. And 3 on weekends. And for those that might not have known, coffee helps sometimes to not feel as hungry as you normally would after only having a light meal. Most definitely a win-win situation.

And it seems that after the shock wore off for the people at work, they are all back to obsessing over their own food instead of commenting on mine. For the first time since staring 8 days ago, I was able to enjoy my lunch (consisting of steamed chicken breast mixed in with salad) without the peanut gallery amusing themselves with my plate. Happy days! The rest of the day was rather uneventful, until at around 3pm when I realised I have not been drinking my water as religiously as I should have. So I made a hasty run (aha! some exercise at work) for the water cooler and had a quick glass and also took another to my desk. Crisis averted!

Supper was a light meal of mince and pineapple and then it was off to the torture chamber. Oh sorry, I mean gym. Now let me explain. I do love my gym sessions, but this time I had trouble walking to the kitchen as I was feeling like a sluggish sloth! And I am sure everybody knows exactly what that feels like,  but for those who don’t, it more or less looks like this:



* Note that you are on your feet, but the rest of your body has trouble lifting itself up…




But alas, mustering up all my secret Jedi mind tricks, its off to the gym! And remember those stairs that I so happily almost hopped and skipped up? It felt like Mars gravity descended on that exact spot of stairs. I eventually made it up the stairs and onto the treadmill. 20 minutes completed and I could feel some more energy in my tired body. Did a circuit workout and pushed the arms a bit. And avoided the dodgy old guy that kept staring at me from across the other side of the gym. Stationary bike made it to 10 minutes. So work out completed and felt a bit better afterwards. Just when you think you are busy conquering the journey, your stupid mind attacks! I walked past a mirror and for that split second my brain said to me: “Really, look how big you are. Why are you even trying? You won’t make it”. Yes folks, my mind silently attacked me with that wobble. It took all my motivation to get myself to put that thought out of my mind. Jillian helped:

jillian quote

So for now I keep going and remember the golden rule:


Week 1 Weigh-In

I would like to start this post by saying the following:


My figures are in and I can report the following:

Week 1 (Day 8) Weigh in:

  • Previous Weight – 134.9kg
  • Current Weight – 131.7kg

That is a total weight loss for week 1 of 3.2kg!! I am ecstatic beyond the moon with happiness! I didn’t expect it as I am on a aim to lose 1kg a week. So to do 3.2kg in week 1 is a huge thing for me!!

So no matter what, I am going strong and I am not giving up on my journey!!

Day 7 (and Week 1) done!!!

I have made it through day 7 and can officially state that Week 1 has been completed!! The cheerful shout of joy you are hearing would indeed be me jumping up and down cheering myself on! And the day went wonderfully. I woke up feeling happy and healthy and decided that I am going to do something different for breakfast. And the result was a 2-egg omelette with some green pepper and tomato filling. Add to that some apple on the side and you have a perfectly healthy, low calorie, but filling breakfast:

omlette I would like to take this time to mention that I am no Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen. And I promise that is an omelette. When I was flipping the one side over the other side it kind of decided to break apart a bit. And with some effort, I did manage to get most of the one side over the other. And other than looks, it was divine. But by now we all know that one shouldn’t just judge on looks. It is what was on the inside that counts. And that was a lovely omelette!




After breakfast I had some coffee, some water and then it was off to the gym again! I have made a decision to go to the gym every day for now. I am just starting out and I need to keep going in order to ensure that I keep losing. So for my own morale, every day gym it is! I felt brave after yesterday’s mission and took the bike out again to gym. I mean it can only help with toning to manoeuvre the bike right. I just have to mention that the people that designed the gym thought it was a good idea to make you walk up some stairs to get to the entrance, and I managed to do a quick run up them without huffing and puffing. I am thankful for all the small mercies. I did my 20 minutes on the treadmill again, followed by the circuit, and only did 10 minutes on the stationary bike. Partly because there were a lot of kids there and they all kept staring at me. And I have to admit that I got a bit self conscious and started feeling like this:


I know that you are supposed to ignore and keep going, but I am human. So I only did 10 minutes on the stationary bike and decided that was enough for the day. It is hard enough facing all the super-toned, super-fit, super-skinny people staring at you, but I just couldn’t deal with the kids. Not yet anyway. And I did quite well, so all was good. I ended up going home, cleaning the house and cooking some food. Which in itself was a good cardio workout! Lunch consisted of some steamed chicken, steamed pumpkin, corn and some pineapple/tomato mix. Which was divine! I was quite hungry so the food went down really well:


And after lunch it was time to catch up on The Biggest Loser for a bit again. And I am truly amazed at what those people are doing. I take my hat off to them. As much as I like the fact that they are being pushed by their trainers, I think if I honestly had a trainer shouting some of that stuff to me, I’d bitch-slap somebody! So kudos to them for sticking it out, keeping their mouths shut and pushing through! Supper consisted of the leftover corn, the leftover pineapple/tomato mix and some chopped up apples. And also then I had all my water for the day and also snacked on the watermelon. Which is so yummy when it comes from the fridge and its so cool on a hot day! All in all I would say that the day and the past week has been successful. With its ups and downs, I managed to make it through without going back on my promise to myself to cut out all sweets, biscuits, cake etc etc. So I am really looking forward to my weigh-in after Week 1! Hold thumbs!!!



Day 6 Done and Dusted

Week 1’s ending was in sight and only 2 more days to push through. I personally think the first 2 weeks are crucial as you are trying to teach your body new tricks. And there is no teaching a 32 year old body new tricks in 2 days, that’s for sure. But my mind is stronger than I thought and so far it has been going fantastically.

After the tummy fiasco of Day 05, I was hoping for a better day 6. I was not 100% yet, but tethering on about 65%. But I had a job to do and I must get to it. So breakfast was again a lovely bowl of apples and yoghurt, which in the heat we are suffering, was a welcoming cool down! And then it was all systems go to the gym! I had lost out on Friday’s session, so I had to make up today. Because after day 1, the feeling was like this:
But without forcing myself to go back and keep going back, I will never get where I want to be. Exercise is what helps me lose more weight and I know I need to do it as well to keep my body skin firm and toned. So I packed my bag, mounted my Harley, and I was off! Drove past the beach on the way there just to be sure I get some fresh ocean air to clear the head and start to focus. When I got to they gym, the confidence once again wavered a bit, and head down, making sure not to make eye contact, I headed inside for my session. It might not seem like a lot what I am doing at the moment, but starting slow and steady is what will get me there. I decided that there was no point killing myself on the first couple of days and putting me off to go back again. So for the first week my routine is basically:

  • 20 minutes on speed 5 on the treadmill
  • 1 round of circuit weights
  • 15 minutes of stationary cycling

And I have proof!!!
IMG_6082 bike

I was definitely sweating it up! And I loved every minute of it. I got to listen to my music, as well as watch some of the Australian Open tennis again. I do love watching tennis and hope that when I get fit, I can start playing tennis myself as well. But again I digress. So after my workout session, it was time to go home. But you see, I miscalculated a teensy weensy bit. After doing almost 9km on cardio, and doing the weight training, you kind of feel like a Jelly Man:
Whereas if you are in a car that is fine because the lovely relaxed seat and power steering. But having to then take a drive home manoeuvring a 250kg Harley while you hardly have the jelly arms and legs to keep yourself standing upright would amount to torture in some third world countries. And all I can see is Jillian going:
And yes Jillian, I felt the PAIN…..

I managed to make it home safely and just had a ice cold shower and decided that jelly legs needed to recover. So I took it easy for the rest of the day. I made my lunch with great efforts. You have no idea how hard it is to work the can opening if you can’t feel your arms! But I managed to open a can of lentils and made a lentil salad for lunch. The rest of the day happened in a bit of a blur, but mostly consisted of me being on the couch feeling sorry for my jelly limbs. But all went well and I didn’t mess up my food even once. Didn’t eat any chocolates. And stuck to what I am supposed to do with the happy thoughts that the end of week 1 is almost upon me. So I fell asleep with happy thoughts of unicorns, embracing the happiness that was the satisfaction of a good workout day!


Day 5 delayed but completed!

Ahh, the wonder of technology. Or not so much wonder. The internet was acting up the weekend, which is resulting in you, the lucky reader, to get 3 blog updates in 1 day! And they say Christmas doesn’t happen in January. 🙂

Friday was a bit of a nightmare for me health wise, as I picked up a little bit of a tummy bug that decided my body would be a good nesting place. I woke up around 4am with my tummy playing a concerto of noises and my mouth aching for a throw up! The jury is still out on what exactly caused it, but it is being juggled between tap water and maybe my body getting a shock with the healthy stuff I was putting inside it. My money would be on the tap water. But needless to say, my day was spent majoritively in the bathroom, and this about sums it up:
loo paper

But alas, let us see the bright side of all this. My body got rid of the final junk that it might have been storing somewhere. I did end up drinking some Rehydrat just to make sure that my electrolytes are kept in balance. And I did briefly consider going to gym, but decided against it when I had visions of me on the treadmill when my tummy decided it was time NOW to make its appearance again.

All in all, even with the tummy, I managed to stay on track with my eating. Breakfast consisted of a lovely apple chopped into cubes, with some yoghurt. Lunch was some boiled eggs in a salad, and supper was some chicken. And I had watermelon for in-between snacks. Even when you are feeling like you have put chewed up by Chewbacca and spat out, stepped on and rolled into a tiny heap, you can still keep it healthy. The rest of Friday was spent binge-watching The Biggest Loser to keep myself motivated. Which was really successful. I went to bed knowing that Saturday would be a new day and then everything will be better.

It is important to remember that we are all unique and that even if you have an off day, you can still stick to what your mind has been geared for, and if you slip, to just jump right back up and start again! And with that happy thought, I will leave you with something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Till next time!


Day 4 Completed

And so another successful day ends. And another happy me. Everything went quite well, except for have a bit of a down moment last night when I almost thought about having something sweet. And I do think we all know that spiralling thought process that usually starts with: “What harm can 1 spoon of sugar in my coffee do?”. And the next time you look, you are wondering “What harm can a whole cake do? I’ll just exercise more”. Basically for me, once I slip a little itty bit on that slippery slope, especially in the beginning, I might as well rent some ski’s as I know it will be a quick trip down. So how does one resist? You find motivation that you can see! For me, I made the following my lock screen on my iPhone:


I have a clear goal and just by looking at the phone, I was reminded of the reason I am doing this.

So, lets start at the beginning again. I discovered a new breakfast that was not eggs. I really don’t want to be responsible for wiping out an entire generation of unborn chickens in my process to lose it. So, instead I opted to start eating more apples. Because you know, apples don’t have feelings. Unless you ask a fruitarian. So breakfast comprised of chopped up apple, covered by strawberry yoghurt. I opted for strawberry yoghurt as the KJ content still falls into my daily limit, and it is something that makes it yummy. End result:


Lunch was standard salad again as per day 1,2,3. So no changes. It works for me so will stick to it until I get bored. Supper was again my little piece of meat and some veggies. Now I would like to just mention that I eat supper before I go to gym. There is no scientific reasoning for this other than I just don’t like eating after 7pm at night. Plus I can trick my mind into thinking I am burning all the food I ate for the day.

I was successful at the gym as well. Made my 20 minutes and I also realised for the first time the irony that as I sweat and struggle and huff and puff through my 20 minutes, KFC and McDonalds are in direct view of my treadmill. You see, some brilliant person that clearly has a senior position in hell has decided that it was a great idea to build both KFC and McD’s right next to the gym! So as soon as you walk out of the gym, all tired and hungry from the exercising, you are caught by the sight of the McD’s Golden Arches, and your nose is assaulted by the deliciousness that is KFC. Now normally I don’t eat either of them anymore, but geez, that KFC smell. I slowly closed my eyes, exhaled and thought “kitesurf, kitesurf, kitesurf”. Then ran for the car and took off before either of them could get their oily claws into me! When I got home I ate an apple and had coffee and I felt very very proud of myself! Gym results:

gym3 (And Nadal went on to win his match in the Australian Open in the background)

Before I leave you for today, I just want to remind you, and myself, that when you do something like this, your mind will take a while to get used to your new healthy lifestyle. And in this process it will test you with all kinds of thoughts. Like for example, eggs are good for you:
eggs  (Nobody ever specifically said CHICKEN eggs are good for you)

So stick to it and ignore that brain of yours trying to trick you at times. You can do this and you are strong enough to resist. You are the master of your brain, not the other way around. And if that doesn’t work. Remember golden rule nr 1:
jillian 2

And with that I will say goodbye for today. Another day gone and another 360 days to go! Leaving you with this last little reminder that you do not want to be the little purple bird below, so keep going!!!!

Day 3 Completed

So I bid farewell to day 3 of the journey.

It went well physically I must admit. Had my 2 lovely boiled eggs for breakfast, divine coffee, lunch was a chicken salad (see below again) and supper was my little piece of 200g meat and an apple. And according to my app, I am more or less on track with my KJ intake, even if I am a little teensy bit below what it should be. But at least not starvation. Although, if you ask my stomach, this is a new kind of torture I developed to punish it. Because you see, when you are used to bigger portions, your stomach kind of learns to expand and expect that same amount of food. When you cut down on your portions, you stomach is wondering what the heck is going on? And then it starts rumbling with confusion, and then cramping here and there just to remind you that it wants to be fuelled. And that is where my stomach is at. I felt hungry yesterday at some point and was almost at a point of chewing my desk lining off, but an apple and some water at long last fixed that. And there was the usual comments from the people at lunch who knows what is better for you no matter what you think. And apparently I eat too much salt. Now this was after sprinkling a delicate amount of salt over fresh veggies and grilled chicken. And apparently this is very bad for high blood pressure. Luckily I suffer from low blood pressure. Conversation ended like that. A good comeback is worth a million well thought out explanations! Lunch:


Oh, and then the huge task lay ahead of me. The biggest one I have had to face. The notorious G.Y.M. I have to make it clear that I do not go to gym straight after work. Walking into a whole gym full of highly toned gym bunnies at peak time, waiting for machines, staring at you waiting for you to finish on the treadmill, seeing in their eyes how they are wondering when did the gym start allowing whales into the club. No thank you. Not for me. So I usually try to go after 7. There are still a couple of creepy starers but at least you get to exercise without being subconsciously willed and wished off your machine. But before I made it into the gym, I took my time to find parking. And then of course there were like 5 songs on the radio that simply HAD to be listened to before I can go in. And then of course you quickly have to hear what the DJ has to say, and then you wonder if maybe you shouldn’t just go home. I mean, I went to the gym parking area. That should be some kind of accomplishment! But no, I must, I must. So I switch off the radio, grab my earphones and waterbottle and out the car. Being very careful not to make eye contact with any of the super toned people coming out of the gym after probably doing a 1-hour Zumba session with the gay hunk whose name I don’t know. I know this because I once attempted the class and made it into 5 minutes and his butt is not worth the torture that is me trying to do Zumba dance moves. But I degress. I swiped my card, filled my water bottle and bravely set out to the treadmill closest to the pool so to have all the other exercisers at my back. And I started on 20 minutes. I did discover that if I load songs into my playlist that has some sort of emotions attached to it, it sort of motivates me to keep walking. And for a change not the Johnny Walker kind of walking. (As I have a strict No Alcohol policy for the next 3 months at least). So the music helped while Sky News was telling me all about how they are trying to make cannabis legal in the UK now as well. And after what felt like an hour, or 3 songs later, I checked the time and I was on 13 minutes! I was huffing and puffing in such a way that the big bad wolf could come take some lessons! But I pushed through with the help of a lovely song by September – Cry for Me. And low and behold, I made it to 20 minutes! Proof:

And just for the record, they should post a warning that when you get off the treadmill your legs might be wobbly, so stand still for about 1 minute before moving. Otherwise you just look intoxicated.

To sum up then, gym and food for Day 3 has been successfully accomplished!

And to keep me motivated, a friendly word from my main crush:


Day 2 Completed

And another day bites the dust… Sings Freddy in my head. So happy with myself that I have gone 2 days so far and not even really been tempted that much to eat a chocolate or bread or anything  that is not good for me. And yes, it seems silly to celebrate from Day 2 already (or day 1) but it is the small day-to-day accomplishments that should be celebrated. The whole journey is going to take a full 364 days, and if you don’t celebrate each and every day for its accomplishments, no matter how small it might be, then the journey is going to wear you out and tear you down.

So what happened yesterday? I woke up late, only managed to have an apple and a lovely Nespresso coffee (no sugar) for breakfast. By the way, coffee without sugar is really not that bad if it is Nespresso capsule coffee. The flavour of the coffee engulfs your tongue like a ocean wave on a hot summer’s day! So that is not so bad. On the other side, normal coffee with no sugar just tastes like ‘n dwarf made a poo on your tongue. But not sure if that is because of the sugar, or just the bad coffee. Either way, I think I will give coffee at work a miss and rather have tea at work, or even better, a glass of water. And I did manage to again get my 2l of water in yesterday as well.

Then lunch time was another interesting occasion. I had the same lovely salad that I had on Day 1. As per below:
healthy lunch

Now all should be good and well but what you don’t account for is the people. Because you see, it would seem that more possible than crossing the river of fire to meet up with a mermaid that will grant you eternal youth, than it would to just have a salad for lunch without having people think you are on a diet. And I need to clarify this, for me personally. I am not on a diet. This is not a fad where I go crazy and yo-yo up and down. This is a lifestyle change to get fit and healthier. It is about getting the vegetables into my body so that I can become that 100-year old annoying lady that keeps telling everyone she got this old due to red wine and sleep. But also, why people find the need to discuss and make an issue of someone else’s food is beyond me. If I see someone eating a live snail mounted on a grilled spider’s back, I would be a bit grossed out, but if they like it, it is not for me to jump in and have a say in their eating habits. Seems people missed that lesson in primary school.

So to sum it up, if you are still reading, is that I ate 100% correctly again on Day 2. Which is good. And I attempted even to do some exercises. Now when I said on Day 1 that my fitness level was that of a sloth, Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo decided to prove this statement to me last night. Man, I got through the warm-ups and my legs already felt like it was made of jelly! I managed to do 5 minutes after that. At least 10 minutes cardio is a good start if you ask me.

Ok, so that was Day 2. And here is a cheer to making it through Day 3 today! And here is hoping to avoid the Jukeboxes of DOOM:

jukebox from hell

Day 1 Completed

I survived Day 1! Everything was going perfect! I had a lovely boiled egg breakfast, salad for lunch, some meat for supper and all the while drinking my 2l water for the day. But sadly I have to admit that I did not do any exercises last night. Now I know what you are thinking – “What’s the excuse this time?”. And I do have a seriously good excuse. You see, nature decided to throw a spanner in the works and decided that it is a good time to have satan’s cat gnawing and clawing on my ovaries, while at the same time having 70 trolls from Neverland stomp on my lower back at the same time. Yes, nature indeed had the last say on Day 1, as she lovingly decided to send the aunty on her red bicycle my way. By the end of the night I was praying to the ancient ovary gods to just make it stop. And after a time that felt like eternity plus a couple of years, the pain finally started to subdue.

But even after all of that, I do think that Day 1 was a success. I managed to stick to healthy foods, avoid all starch, drink all my water, and faced the chocolate demon in the shops without giving in. So I am keeping my head high and giving it my all on Day 2!